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我们在清楚了修辞手法后,下一步就是要揣测文章出现某个例子或者某句话甚至某段话的意图所在,有些同学可能觉得如果读不懂文章做这题就难了,而且时间有限,无法细细揣摩作者的写作意图,但不用担心,作者的写作是有一定的逻辑顺序在里面的,具体例子的出现也是有特定顺序的,而且不要忘记托福阅读中的文章大都是从美国大学课本上直接摘取出来的,是学术类文章,学术类文章有很明确的文章结构,即整篇文章有中心论点(thesis statement),每段都有中心句(topic sentence),反过来说段落内部信息是为段落中心思想服务的,段落是为文章中心服务的。


5. The author tells the story of the explorers Lewis and Clark in paragraph 3 in order to illustrate which of the following points?

○The number of deer within the Puget Sound region has varied over time.

○Most of the explorers who came to the Puget Sound area were primarily interested in hunting game.

○There was more game for hunting in the East of the United States than in the West.

○Individual explorers were not as successful at locating games as were the trading companies.

Paragraph 3: The numbers of deer have fluctuated markedly since the entry of Europeans into Puget Sound country. The early explorers and settlers told of abundant deer in the early 1800s and yet almost in the same breath bemoaned the lack of this succulent game animal. Famous explorers of the north American frontier, Lewis and Clark arrived at the mouth of the Columbia River on November 14, 1805, in nearly starved circumstances. They had experienced great difficulty finding game west of the Rockies and not until the second of December did they kill their first elk. To keep 40 people alive that winter, they consumed approximately 150 elk and 20 deer. And when game moved out of the lowlands in early spring, the expedition decided to return east rather than face possible starvation. Later on in the early years of the nineteenth century, when Fort Vancouver became the headquarters of the Hudson's Bay Company, deer populations continued to fluctuate. David Douglas, Scottish botanical explorer of the 1830s, found a disturbing change in the animal life around the fort during the period between his first visit in 1825 and his final contact with the fort in 1832. A recent Douglas biographer states:" The deer which once picturesquely dotted the meadows around the fort were gone [in 1832], hunted to extermination in order to protect the crops."

我们根据大写字母L和C定位,在文章的第四行,我们看例子前一句,the early explorers and settlers told of abundant deer in the early 1800s,也是一个例子,不是观点,所以下一步,我们寻找文段中心句,即文段的第一句 the numbers of deer have fluctuates markedly since the entry of Europeans into Puget Sound country.所以举L和C的例子是为了阐述段落中心句,the numbers of deer has changed a lot.与选项A同义,所以我们正确答案是A,再来看其他选项,选项B说大家interested in hunting,原文中没有涉及;选项C东西部hunting的比较在原文中也没有说明;文中也没有出现个体捕猎与团体捕猎哪个更好,所以锁定正确答案为A。




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